Designed in Venice, California

Enjoyed all over the world.

M.R. Walls

Walls without limits. Endless expressions. M.R. Walls is an exclusive line of multidimensional walls carved and textured like a second nature.

Designed and made in Santa Monica, California, M.R. Walls achieves unlimited scale without any constraint. M.R. Walls resounds with intricacy, bestowing the multidimensionality of light, complexity, and texture.

M.R. Walls are easily installed in wet rooms, showers, kitchens… or can flow up and around windows and turn corners. They are nearly indestructible. Using Corian by Dupont, each piece is carved and labeled, then delivered and assembled on-site without any visible seams. Bonded together with matching adhesive, the walls are impervious to mold, virus, and bacterial. They are completely water proof and offer a finish solution in one step. No painting, No sanding. No grout. Simply bond the pieces together and attach to drywall with silicone.

Already installed in numerous high-end homes in Los Angeles, M.R. Walls is a break out design language and innovated manufacturing using the latest in parametric computing and CNC machining technology. Installed by local carpenters, Corian fabricators, or tile subs with online support, the wall system enables the beauty of complexity to be experienced, touched and even showered in. Engineered to endure, these highly durable walls are reasonably priced, bringing a high level of design possibilities never before offered.